Polymer chemistry is a multidisciplinary science, which deals with all aspects of synthetic and biological macromolecules. Polymer chemistry research is one of established areas at the Department of Chemistry of UPM for the past 10 years. The researchers not only focus on the fundamental studies but great attention is also given to study the application of polymers. Various polymers are used in our studies, ranging from natural to synthetic as well as biodegradable polymers. Our major activities are polymerization by various techniques (such as precipitation, redox and dispersion), synthesis of composites and nanocomposites from synthetic polymers and natural polymers such as natural rubber, rubber wood fiber and empty fruit bunch of oil palm tree. We also synthesize hydrogels and polymer blends for various applications such as drug delivery system in medical device and in agriculture. Natural polymers such as cellulose, starch and cellulosic by-products are fully utilized as major raw materials. Other than that, our researchers are also committed in studying conducting polymers for sensing and biosensing, biomaterials for dental cements as well as polymers for coating and adhesive applications. Our research focus includes environmental friendly techniques such as radiation and green technology. Materials characterization and biodegradable testing are the major analyses in our laboratory. Polymer research is supported by modern facilities from the department and university including DSC, DTA, TGA, GPC, UV-vis, FTIR, ICP-AES, NMR, XRD, mechanical testing equipment, SEM and TEM.

Information on Key Researchers:






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Azowa Ibrahim


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Azowa Ibrahim

Dr. Mansor Ahmad

Dr. Norhazlin Zainuddin

Dr. Mohd Haniff Wahid

Dr. Mohd Farid Ismail

Dr. Norizah Abdul Rahman

Dr. Siti Nurul Ain Mat Jamil (ASPER)

Dr. Adila Mohamad Jaafar (ASPER)

Dr. Min Min Aung @ Aishah Abdullah (ASPER)

Keywords: Polymer chemistry, biopolymer, polymer composite, nanocomposite

Research Highlights:

  • More than RM3 million worth of research grants
  • More than 200 papers of high impact factor
  • 5 patents and more than 10 awards



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